It's a journey, where every step towards action matters. No matter how big or small as long as it's towards the right direction. 

We are inspired and driven by nature, cultural traditions. We make our everyday decisions guided by durability, ethical practices, fair trade and next-to-zero waste.


We are determined to slow down the pace of fashion making. In order to do so, we work with a slow fashion business model. This means we produce in small quantities, reducing waste while ensuring the highest quality.

We are a season-foward brand, inviting our clients to wear our pieces regardless of the occasion We encourage everyone to always shine from within regardless of what goes on outside. 


We strongly believe there is a treasure trove of wisdom and beauty in the handcrafted techniques local tribes and artisans have been using over  centuries. This is why we are committed to creating work opportunities with artisans from across Colombia and other Latinamerican countries such as Ecuador and Mexico. 

We are devoted to preserving their time-honored artisanal traditions for future generations through fair working conditions, including a fair wage and safe working environments. 

How we support their development
55 craftsmans we work with
5 communities present
1 Month to produce 1 hat



Nature is our inspiration. We value the diversity we are constantly surrounded by, we are also thankful for it everyday. We not only draw inspiration from it, but also implement it in our pieces. We use natural fibers and natural dyes such as onion peelings and avocado pits, iraca palm leaves amongst others to create colorful and timeless products.