Artist Bangles

$230 USD

Our Werregue bangles are statement pieces that work with practically any outfit. Have fun getting dressed as you decide to wear them solo or stacked together with a variety of looks. 

They are skillfully crafted by women from the Wounaan tribe, using all-natural werregue Palm and employing ancestral weaving techniques passed down through generations. Werregue palm grows in mangrove swamps where the water is low, it has a thorn-covered trunk up to 20 metres high, and is traditionally cultivated during the waning moon, after a ritual to ask permission for its extraction. 


  • Individually handmade pieces
  • Werregue Palm
  • Fits wrists up to 6 cm

*This product is available for pre-order. Please, take into account that after payment, it will take two weeks for delivery. (We'll make it shorter whenever possible).

**It is important to acknowledge that this is an artisanal product, so the measurements may vary slightly amongst each piece.

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