Love Shroom Hoops Earrings (Pre Order)

$108 USD


Our Shroom Hoop Earrings are a celebration of a free and full of experiences life. These earrings are a perfect blend of style and sustainability, featuring golden hoops adorned with meticulously Putumayo crafted palms made from eco-friendly plastic beads.

Each earring embodies the essence of tropical living, offering a burst of color and elegance that resonates with a carefree, vibrant lifestyle. They are a symbol of your commitment to embracing the beauty of the natural world while adding a touch of uniqueness to your everyday look.


  • Shroom: Plastic beads 
  • Handmade piece
  • Dimensions: W: 4 cm  / H: 4 cm
  • Hoops: Rhodium with gold plating, 3 cm

*This product is available for pre-order. Please, take into account that after payment, it will take four weeks for delivery. (We'll make it shorter whenever possible).

**It is important to acknowledge that this is an artisanal product, so the measurements may vary slightly amongst each piece.

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