Huipil No. 1

$400 USD

We feel tremendously grateful for the treasures mother earth has given our country and Latin America, and especially for how these gifts inspire the invaluable craftsmanship that we aim to preserve. We believe we are one with the world, and that by loving each other we walk together towards a brighter future.

Unity and inclusion were our beacons for creating One Love, a capsule collection that fuses the artisanal richness of various Latin American countries. For the first drop, we merged the knowledge of Mexican, Ecuadorian and Colombian artisans. This resulted in limited-edition unique pieces that are fun and colorful. Wearing them will make you smile from your heart.

One Love is a capsule dedicated to love – for each other and for our amazing world.


  • One size.
  • 100% cotton huipil woven on a loom by female artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Each figure -the birds and patterns- is then hand-embroidered by the same artisan.

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