Indira Kankuama

$159 USD

An ode to Indira, the female leader from the Kankuama tribe that help us daily to co-create 

beautiful mochilas with the tribe. With her big smile and warm heart, she continues to guard the ancestral artisanal legacy she has inherited.

Our Indira Kankuama is sized to carry your essentials -like your cardholder and locally-sourced mangos. It is light enough for you to take it everywhere you go.

It was woven by Kankuama women in Cesar, Colombia and naturally dyed with coconut. The seashells were hand sewn by a single mom in Cundinamarca, Colombia.


  • Fique / Seashells / Cotton thread
  • W:  cm / H:  cm / D: cm
  • Strap:  cm

*It is important to acknowledge that this is an artisanal product, so the measurements may vary amongst each piece.

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