Lucky Me Totem (Pre-Order)

$262 USD
Our “LuckyMe” Heart Totem is a gentle affirmation of how you feel when you behave as your truest self. Accepting your own flaws and shadows while embracing your uniqueness. It will give you a sense of freedom and gratitude and remind you how lucky you are. We are complete authentic beings and we are lucky for it !

This totem is an invitation to embody everyday your truest self and feel lucky about it. Meet your most authentic self while wearing it day or night to add a pop of fun and color to any outfit!

It was skillfully hand-beaded by women from the Kamentsá tribe in Putumayo, Colombia for free-spirited beings.

· Plastic beads
· Handmade piece
· Drop: 40cm
· Totem: 5.5 x 4.5cm

*This product is available for pre-order. Take into account that after payment it will take four weeks for delivery. (We'll make it shorter whenever possible).

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