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Hello everyone! My name is Juliana Plaza, I was born and raised in “la sucursal del cielo,” the city of salsa and amazing human beings. I connect with people's souls for a living, I'm a psychologist and the creator of "¿Qué quiere tu alma?" -a beautiful space to question if the path you are taking is getting you closer to or away from your life's purpose. I wish that everyone can live on what they are passionate about and what makes their heart beat faster (in a good way). I love traveling, seeing old people holding hands in the street, and the taste of a juicy chontaduro with honey and salt. I hope I can spread a message of love, compassion and inner wisdom to every person I meet and in every service and product I offer.

How did you start hearing your soul? Any recommendations?

Your soul is the only thing you really are. You’re always going to be connected, so there’s always the possibility of hearing it. There are three very effective ways to listen to your soul:

  • Through meditation and silence.
  • By following your intuition and understanding where your emotions come from and what they’re trying to tell you.
  • Being aware of the signs you are receiving.

Three good habits for enhancing self love?

  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are magical, you are unique, no one, even if they tried with everything they’ve got, will ever be you. So why waste time trying to be somebody else when you are the coolest, most “you” person alive?
  • Our brain is a very powerful tool that believes everything you say and helps you create the best or worst version of yourself. Choose wisely which version you want to strengthen, and every time you give yourself a negative comment, give yourself 3 good ones on top.
  • This is the key to everything. Be grateful for your entire existence because you didn’t create a single hair on your head. Everything was made for you, every single cell in your body. Take a moment to think about that and appreciate what you have… You are a gift that the universe put in this world. Remember that always.

Do you have one quick exercise that helps you go through a difficult day or situation? 

I have many, so I’m going to list a few…

  • Repeat a mantra, for example: “everything is going to be ok,” “I can do this,” “I’m enough,” or any other phrase that you need to hear in that moment.
  • Put on a happy cheerful playlist and sing it out loud.
  • Take a really nice bath at the end of the day.
  • Write down everything you are feeling and thinking.
  • Know it won't last forever and there’s always a greater purpose behind it. The universe is on your side even if you think it isn’t.

What's your favorite thing about Colombia?

Colombia is a very beautiful country but what I like most are the hearts of its people. That is the really invaluable thing about this country.

 Favorite book or podcast?

Podcast: 13% - Pasión por el trabajo

Best piece of advice for these rare times?

Focus on you, on your mental health, on your wellbeing, on your personal growth. Make friends with uncertainty, that’s the only certain thing in life. Be flexible, be kind, be loving. Start over as many times as you want. You are the only one that really knows what’s best for you, listen to your soul.

What does #ShiningFromWithin mean to you?

To let your soul express itself. To be the most 'you', you can be.

What's your favorite Pájara Pinta Piece? and why?

The “Cinturón Rainbow” because it’s a timeless piece, easy to combine and perfect to take with you anywhere.

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