Mathilde Frachon #PájaraPintaBirds

Mathilde Frachon: @mathildefrachon

Tell us a bit about yourself....

I was born in Paris and lived in NY during a big part of my life for my modeling career. I consult for fashion and beauty brands with a focus on sustainable ones.

I am an avid traveler since childhood, and hope to visit many more countries in the next years.

What's your favorite thing about Paris? 

The beauty of the city, the culture, the food. And of course, my family and friends.

 Favorite coffee shop? 

Ground Support in NY

Partisan in Paris

BlueBottle in LA

Favorite book or podcast?

My childhood book “The Little Prince”

Are there any causes or charities that you support? 

In NYC I volunteer for FoodForBank, an incredible organization working to end hunger throughout the five boroughs for more than 30 years.

In France I support a charity named CoucouNousVoilou, a charity helping hospitalized children in critical care.

The organization’s main project is the AbracadaBox, a colourful box with comic superheroes that are placed around the transfusion bags and directly attached on drips so that kids can see their favorite characters instead of intimidating medical equipment. Having these animated buddies by their side at all times helps young patients feel stronger and less vulnerable. All boxes are made by the charity with donations going directly to its hospital partners. The charity also helps fund other creative projects to improve the daily life of affected children, including murals, games, toys, and play areas. Since the pandemic, donations have decreased a lot but the number of severely ill kids has remained unchanged: that is why I recently initiated a raffle in partnership with one of the best skincare brands in the world, Augustinus Bader. I hope to raise the necessary funds to help the pediatric services in making the daily life of kids a little bit more joyful.

 What does style mean to you? 

For me, style is about expression. It’s about adapting any clothing or brand I wear to my personality, and add my special touch to any outfit.

 Best piece of advice for these rare times? 

Enjoy the little things, always be thankful for what you have and stay positive 

 What does #ShiningFromWithin mean to you?

To me, shining from within means inner light and energy, having a beautiful soul and loving oneself.

In my industry, I meet so many physically beautiful people and believe me, inner light has absolutely nothing to do with physical appearance. 

Your demeanor, stance, walk, outlook and actions, all show how bright and kind you are inside.

What's your favorite Pájara Pinta piece and why?

I absolutely love the tie dye pareo because it’s such a versatile piece. I can create so many outfits with it: I wear it as long skirt, a mini skirt, a dress, a top or a headband. 

Also, the rainbow colors immediately make me happy!


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