Lauren Arboleda

Tell us a bit about yourself / How did you get into cooking?

I fall in love with cooking deeply when I left for college away from my family. It became a way of feeling closer to them, using our ingredients and what reminded me of them. Also through cooking I found a second family in the US, my friends. I cooked for them every time I got a chance and that brought us closer.

Favorite city and why?

Omg so difficult. I feel is anywhere with good company. Family, friends or just by myself! (I consider my self greattt company)

If I had to choose it will be maybe Miami. I love the ocean, I love my cafecito and I have the best of the US with a Latin twist.

What's your favorite thing about your work?

I make people happy with ingredients I transform with my hands. I feel it’s like magic.

3 things that make you shine from within?

My kids smile

A sunrise or a sunshine


A habit that makes you feel like sunshine?

Moving my body makes me feel alive and grateful to be able to choose a time for me. 

Mantra to get you out of a bad day?

Go outside and stare at the sky. It never fails.

 Favorite Ingredient to cook with and why?

Veggies, ghee, herbs and spices 🙌

 Favorite cookbook?

Mineeee ☺️ Recetas del corazón

Favorite clean/organic makeup items?

I change every time but love tats harpers tint and my raw honey to cleanse my face.

Favorite thing about Pájara Pinta?

It’s sooo authentic. You can recognize their product and for me the ethical component it’s a deal breaker!

Top Pájara Pinta Pieces:

Caftán /World totem/ All hatssss

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