Manuela De Francisco #PájaraPintaBirds

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I am Manuela de Francisco,  21-year-old proudly Colombian. I am currently finishing my studies in Fashion Styling and Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni London. I love traveling, being active, expressing myself, and helping others to express their thoughts and ideas creatively and visually. Throughout my fashion studies I have realised that I am totally enamoured with art and fashion in all of its forms. Last but not least I am a fanatic of healthy living and I am always finding new ways to enhance my wellness. 


Favorite book/podcast? 

Even though I don't have a favorite book in specific I enjoy reading all kinds of topics. Lately I have been reading about how to adopt healthy habits, but in the past I have enjoyed all other genres such as self help, romantic dramas, nonfiction and fashion!! :)

What do you miss the most about London?

Unfortunately due to the pandemic recently I have been unable to enjoy London and its incredible fashion scene. Yet, definitely what I enjoy the most about the city is it's rich history which has influenced artistic thoughts for hundreds of years, and it's gardens with enchanting floral compositions. 

What's your favorite thing about Colombia?

My favorite thing about Colombia is the warmth and comfort that my house and family provides me. This sense of warmth and comfort is mostly transmitted from my home which I rarely leave when I am in my home city Cali. Staying home motivates me to maintain a healthy lifestyle which I really love. 

What does style mean to you?

Style for me is a conductor of self-expression. It is not something that is limited to how you dress but also extends to other things such as the way in which people communicate vocally and activities they practice such as hobbies, work, etc. 

Best piece of advice for these rare times?

The best piece of advice that I could give is to remember to be patient because the best is always yet to come. 

What does #ShiningFromWithin mean to you?

#ShiningFromWithin means the act of transmitting one's most ingenious thoughts to others in order to enhance their life. 

What's your favorite Pájara Pinta piece?

For me the most unique piece in Pájara Pinta's line up would be the ´pajarito hats'. I find the piece both unique but playful at the same time. Even though it is based on a classic style it  allows for people to create different stories by decorating the band of the hat and enhancing creativity. It is a piece that transmits happiness.  

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