Maria Del Corral #PajaraPintaBirds

Could you share a bit about yourself? What's your relationship with fashion?
I’m MDC, a red-headed art collector from Medellín, Colombia. With an artist mother who was also an interior designer, I was born into a world of creativity. Fashion, to me, is an extension of art. It's how we express our inner selves through what we wear. Sometimes we draw it, sometimes we phrase it, and sometimes we wear it. Fashion is woven into my daily life. Choosing my clothes each day is an expression of my identity—a collection of places, songs, colors, experiences, and the rich heritage of a Latina. Fashion is not just about clothing; it's about showcasing who I am and who I'm becoming.

Favorite book or podcast?
It's impossible to pick just one.
However, I'm currently captivated by The Art of Creativity and the entirety of the Goop podcast series.

Favorite city and why?
I have many favorite cities, but for now, Madrid stands out. It's a walkable city with a vibrant cultural scene, delicious food, mesmerizing music, and an incredible vibe. The history, the people, and how they savor life make everything memorable. Madrid knows how to live life, which we miss nowadays a lot!

Three good habits to cultivate more self-love:
Skin Care: Wash your face, wear sunscreen, remove your makeup, hydrate, and use red light therapy while listening to your favorite podcast. Incorporate ice into your morning routine and walk into nature every week; let your skin feel nature and nurture.
Hydration: Drink plenty of water and, if possible, add detox drops from Sakara. Hydrate your body with the right greens—eat and drink your greens.
Soul Movement: When you move your soul, you move your mind and body. Engage in habits your soul enjoys—read in the mornings, go for walks, meditate, journal, express gratitude, and let your soul shine. Share with others—share stories, music, food, knowledge, and, most importantly, share time.

Do you have one quick exercise that helps you get through a difficult day or situation?
We often underestimate the power of breathing. Slow your nervous system down by simply breathing deeply. That's all you need—breathe.

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Live in the now.
The present is all you have. And for God's sake, wear sunscreen.

What does #ShiningFromWithin mean to you?
Letting my true self shine. It's about being authentically you—YES, just you! Don't try to fit anything; just be you, do you, and love you!

Favorite Pájara Pinta piece and why?
Choosing just one piece is difficult because I adore them all. Currently, I'm obsessed with the Jungle Party Necklace. While I don't own it yet, it's on my shopping list. It's the piece I'm planning to wear all summer.

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