Kelly Talamas #PajaraPintaBirds

Could you share a bit about yourself / How did you get into fashion ?

Hi, I’m Kelly. I was born and raised in Miami to a Cuban-Spanish mom and Palestinian- American dad. I’ve been drawn to all things creative and aesthetically-pleasing since childhood. I collected fashion and beauty magazines when I was young and would read them from cover to cover, then tear out the pages I found most appealing. I loved writing too, so when the time came to choose a career path, I went into magazine journalism. While studying, I looked for local opportunities to gain experience. Then upon graduation, landed my first job at Ocean Drive magazine, and eventually Vogue Latin America, where I worked for 10 years. My time at Vogue included a move to Mexico and a promotion to Editor in Chief as the youngest editor to have been appointed. In 2021, a few years after leaving the title (and living in Colombia at the time) we launched LATINNESS, a platform that celebrates Latin American creativity.

Favorite book or podcast?

For books, it really depends on the topic. Impossible to pick just one, but the last book I read that couldn’t put down was “Olga Dies Dreaming” by Xochitl Gonzalez.
For podcasts, The LATINNESS Podcast, obviously ;) And you can actually listen to our interview with Xochitl on there.

Favorite city and why?

That’s a tough one because I love to travel, and every destination is an opportunity to discover something new. That said, some cities hold a special place in my heart. Miami because it’s my hometown and where my family is. Mexico City saw me grow personally in a way that influenced the course of my life. Bogota is where I started my own family, and I currently love escaping to the islands in Panama, where I’m based at the moment.

Three Good Habits that you recommend to have more self love?

  1. Getting a good night’s sleep

  2. Spending more time in nature

  3. Allowing yourself the freedom to do nothing without feeling guilty

Do you have one quick exercise that helps you go through a difficult day or situation?

Going for a walk outside.

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Enjoy the ride.

What does #ShiningFromWithin mean to you?

Cultivating and investing in the person within you and ensuring that this person aligns with the face you show to the world.

Favorite Pájara Pinta piece and why?

The Venus hat because I love a bit of shade.

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